A Course in Miracles for the New Year!


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This year, let A Course in Miracles help guide you to an experience of peace, joy, and "inner calm" unlike anything you may have experienced before!

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With all the turmoil that appears to surround us in this increasingly crazy world, the thing that so many people are searching for is a thought system that can provide the sense of inner peace that we all long for, regardless of what seems to be happening in the world "outside."  The timeless spiritual classic known as A Course in Miracles can lead us to precisely that frame of mind, where we know that true peace comes from within us, where Spirit resides.

Make this your year on the “Forgiveness Fast Track”… the year you effectively incorporate the teachings of A Course in Miracles into your life!

The Course (also known as "ACIM") is comprised of three major elements: the Text, the Workbook for Students, and the Manual for Teachers.  For many people, the Workbook often becomes a stumbling block. It is comprised of 365 Lessons, and is intended to be studied and practiced over the course of one year (although it is permissible to take a longer period of time, if one wishes to.)  Each Lesson is designed to begin to train our minds into a different (and better!) way of thinking, where we choose to think with the Holy Spirit within us, rather than with the fear-based ego mind that has pretty much been in control of our thoughts up until now.

It is very common to find that a lot of people start doing the Workbook, but then find themselves drifting off and getting lost along the way, usually due to life's distractions, and sometimes because they feel that following through on the Workbook is simply too difficult or hard to stay focused on.

Here's the good news!  Many folks have discovered that a truly effective way of working with (and really understanding) the Workbook of A Course in Miracles is by participating in the web-based study group, On Course with Gene Bogart!

Gene Bogart is a veteran TV announcer, producer, writer, musician, and radio personality, who for the last several years has gained even wider recognition for his work within the Course in Miracles community throughout the world, as ACIM study group facilitator and narrative "voice" of Course-related material.  

Gene is the producer and co-host of the highly successful Gary Renard Podcast series (Gary is the bestselling author of The Disappearance of the Universe - known as "DU" - and also Your Immortal Reality, and his most recent, Love Has Forgotten No One.) {Books published by Hay House}   

Gene famously portrays the "Voice of Arten" in the Hay House audio-CD recordings of DU, and has received high praise worldwide for his narrations of recorded material from A Course in Miracles.

On Course with Gene Bogart presents Gene's professionally recorded audio of each day's ACIM Workbook Lessons to members of the group, along with a text copy of each day's Lesson, and Gene’s helpful commentary as well. Reading the text of these Lessons, while simultaneously listening to these elegant word-for-word recordings, can prove to be a most effective means for not only understanding the material being presented, but also for incorporating this content into the actual experience of our daily lives.

Gary Renard has said: "If you've heard our podcasts, or the audio CD set of DU, you already know that Gene has a terrific voice. But in these recordings of the Workbook Lessons, Gene has a different sound than I've heard before. As he has told me and others, Gene truly felt the Holy Spirit was "directing" him during the recordings of this Lesson material; these recordings have a remarkable depth of feeling and intensity, conveying the importance of this timeless material. And the phrasing and delivery impart a deep and accurate understanding of the content of the Lessons, aiding in any listener's ability to connect with the meaning of what it is they are studying." 

Naturally, anyone can study the ACIM Workbook at any time they choose, regardless of the calendar date. But there is certainly an advantage in "joining" with a larger group of like-minded folks who are studying the Workbook at the same point within the illusion of time. 

The On Course group presents each day's Lessons in both text form as well as the audio recordings, so you can read the daily Lessons as you simultaneously listen to Gene's recordings of them.

Gary Renard says: "I think this form of study is one of the best and most effective ways of really understanding this important material. So I encourage you all to check out On Course with Gene Bogart! 

While the group gratefully accepts donations to make its activities possible, it follows the Course in Miracles principle that "no one should be turned away due to inability to pay", so folks are welcome to join whether they feel guided to contribute or not; it's all up to each individual's guidance from Spirit.

By the way, all of the Workbook Lesson presentations are archived at the group, so whatever lesson number you may be on, you can access any given lesson at any time. This is a really valuable resource for every dedicated student of the Course, whether you are doing the Workbook for the first time, or are seeking an effective refresher for previously studied ACIM Lesson material.

To find out more about the On Course with Gene Bogart group, and to then join the group right away if you choose to do so, go to this link:


We look forward to you connecting with us, and joining with us as we make this year the one in which we put aside the fear-based thoughts of the ego, and choose instead the pathway to Peace, Joy, and Love that the Holy Spirit provides, through the timeless teachings of A Course in Miracles.  

Get on the Forgiveness Fast Track — and remember what we always say at the On Course group:

This year, (and now, more than ever,) 

...it's essential to remain "On Course!"

For further information and to answer any questions, feel free to email us at:



To make 2016 the year that you really understand, experience, and perhaps even finally complete the ACIM Workbook, join Gene, Gary, and a great many Course students (and podcast listeners) at the On Course with Gene Bogart study group.

You’ll receive daily emails with each day’s Lesson text, Gene’s personal and helpful commentary, and his now-legendary audio recordings of each day’s Workbook Lesson. Plus, as a member, you’ll be able to log on to the group’s website to access any Lesson you choose, as well as for other resources. And, there’s the On Course Forum, a members-only ACIM discussion group that you can join!

As always, no one needs to pay anything for this: while donations are gratefully accepted (and really needed), everyone is welcome to join the group whether they are guided to contribute, or not. It's all up to the Holy Spirit's direction.

2016 is our 7th year of presenting the On Course group, and the experiences of awakening so many of us have been experiencing are nothing short of remarkable. We hope you’ll join us!

If people wish to contribute to the group, here are direct links to PayPal for monthly donations in various amounts. All we ask is that you confer with the Holy Spirit for guidance, and choose (if any; again, it’s never required) which amount feels right for you.

"Here is the golden circle where you recognize the Son of God." ACIM-22.In.4.9

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The operation of On Course is not an automated system! Everything we do is "lovingly done by hand" — meaning, there is no immediate response after you have signed up at PayPal. At some point soon we will "see" your PayPal receipt, and we will then get your group registration process underway.

So please give us a little time… We assure you, we will see your contribution — and we will bless you for it! — and we will get you officially signed into the group as quickly as we can.


To make donations by check or cash, please send to this address, checks made out to Gene Bogart:

Gene Bogart

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Once again, please know that contributions are not required to join the On Course group. “No one is turned away due to inability to pay.” If you are not able or not guided to contribute at this time, you are always still most welcome to participate! Simply send me an email, and I’ll register you at the group.



Thanks so much for joining us at On Course, and here’s to a year well-spent in studying and really experiencing the Workbook of A Course in Miracles!


(Please note: Earlier material, below, explains a lot of further details about the On Course group, and contains links to a web page that contains other, earlier information about the group. I’ve left it here in case anyone wants to see it, even though the content is, at this point, a bit outdated. But since time doesn’t exist anyway...what the heck!)  :-)