The End of Sacrifice


Gary Renard says: “Cindy and I love it! We think it’s great.”

Experience The End of Sacrifice

Gene Bogart’s first CD studio recording from the

Text of A Course in Miracles.


Audio CDTracks Listing:

  1. 1)The Needless Sacrifice       (13:07)

  2. 2)The Only Real Relationship  (6:17)

  3. 3)The Holy Instant and the

    Attraction of God                  (7:32)

  1. 4)The Time of Rebirth            (10:29)

  2. 5)Christmas as the End of Sacrifice


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Comprising the latter half of Chapter 15 of A Course in Miracles — one of the most beloved chapters in all of the Course — Gene’s recording of The End of Sacrifice

will very likely bring you to a deeper connection with these inspired words than

you have ever experienced before.

This album-length, full CD-quality studio recording features carefully selected meditative music tracks artfully mixed under the narration.

Gene Bogart is widely known as “The Voice of Arten” for his memorable portrayal

of Gary Renard’s ascended teacher in The Disappearance of the Universe

audio-book recordings. Gene is also recognized as one of the most respected narrators of the ACIM Workbook Lessons. Now, Gene makes available his

first recordings from the Course’s Text.

Gary says: “When Cindy and I listened to the CD, it seemed like a lot more

than just a reading of the Course. There’s something about it that really

does get you deeply into it. I highly recommend this CD to people!”

As the Course teaches, “Make this year different…”

…by experiencing The End of Sacrifice.

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Endless gratitude, and many blessings…


Here’s what listeners have said about Gene’s narrations of A Course in Miracles:

“You have been gifted in this dream with an extraordinary voice.”

~ R.F.

“I love hearing (the Course) in your beautiful voice… I'm an auditory learner so it really helps.”

~ J.B.

“You truly have a gift…”

~ C.L.

“I now have heard words I did not hear before. Thanks again & Blessings.”

~ P.F.

“There is something very ‘eternal’ in your voice, I love to listen to you!”

~ K.W.