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Gene Bogart is the producer and co-host of the Gary Renard Podcast series,

and is the Founder and Director of

Both Gene and Gary are students and facilitators of A Course in Miracles, the

modern spiritual classic which is the basis for Gene’s book and audio recordings,

Gary’s best-selling books, and also the cornerstone of

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Gene’s book, A Golf Course in Miracles is now available!

Foreword written by Gary Renard.

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Gary Renard & Gene Bogart  in the studio

 • Gene’s audio CD!  • 
“The End of Sacrifice”
Gene Bogart’s first CD studio recording 
of narration from the Text of 
A Course in Miracles

Gary and Gene’s most recent Conference Call is now available as a digital download... and it’s FREE! You can find it at our new download page, where you can also find, for the 1st time:

Gene’s “The End of Sacrifice” recording as a download, too!
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As many of you already know, my lovely wife Helen has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer. We have started a fundraising campaign to assist with our medical costs and associated expenses. To find out more about all of this, in Helen’s own words, please visit the GoFundMe site below, where you can also see the latest updates on her treatments and progress. Thank you, and bless you, for all of the love and support you continue to offer us!
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